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Contacting Counselor / Staff

Students can schedule an appointment by coming to the counseling office before, at lunch or after school and sign in on the computer for your counselor to call or you can email the counselor directly.

Parents, the best way to reach your child's counselor is by email.  
Please find their email address below...








Head Counselor

[email protected]

(559) 327-4504



Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

(559) 327-4142



Academic Counselor

[email protected]

(559) 327-4502



Academic Counselor

[email protected]

(559) 327-4140



Academic Counselor 

[email protected] 

(559) 327-4094



Academic Counselor 

[email protected] 

(559) 327-4052



Academic Counselor

[email protected]

(559) 327-4145



Academic Counselor 

[email protected] 

(559) 327-4152



Academic Counselor

[email protected]




Academic Counselor


(559) 327-4142

For Assistance



Transition Counselor

[email protected] 




Transition Counselor

[email protected]


Letters of Recommendation

If you would like for your counselor to write a Letter of Recommendation, please complete the Letter of Recommendation request questionnaire (at the bottom of this page) and turn it in to your counselor at least two weeks BEFORE you need your letter. You can also email your answers to your counselor along with your educational resume.

Volunteer Information

Volunteering one’s time for a good cause can bring many personal benefits, as well as scholarship opportunities.  Many students want to volunteer but are not sure how to go about doing so.  If you are volunteering for the sole reason of getting yourself into college, that is probably not the best reason. If you are doing this because you believe in the organization’s cause and you want to expand your own life experience, then it is a good idea to participate.  Colleges like to see prospective students who have participated in community service, but they also want to see how it has affected them personally. In other words, how has this experience changed your life and has it made you a better person?

If that is something you would like to pursue, (without jeopardizing your academics), below you will find some suggestions that you may find interesting.  Clovis East High School does not require community service as a graduation requirement. This is something you are choosing to do for yourself.

Please click link below to print out Volunteer Form...
Click HERE 


Clovis East Peer Counselors

The Clovis East Peer Counseling Program consists of open-minded, trustworthy, and friendly students who provide one-on-one support to the Wolfpack. CEHS Peer Counselors provide a safe and confidential atmosphere where students can confide in them while discussing their feelings.
Students can ask to meet with a CEHS peer counselor by filling clicking HERE to fill out the google form or by contacting Mr. Derrick Davis.

Self-Care During Social Distancing

Physical isolation does not mean emotional isolation. It is important for your mental health that you maintain relationships with friends and family during this time. Call, text, FaceTime, snap, or DM people you know in real life. Check in! Send memes. If you spend this time focusing ONLY on the news or celebrities, your coping strategies will start to diminish.
Continue to maintain your personal hygiene and bedtime. It is easy to lay in bed ALL day when you do not have plans to go outside but maintaining hygiene and a sleep schedule are two of the very best things you can do to maintain a sense of normalcy. Plan to wake up at a reasonable time, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed for the day (in something other than PJs), and brush/comb your hair.
Do something other than play video games or scroll through social media feeds. Can you think of an activity? Find one below:
Self-Care Diagram
Reach out if you need to talk to somebody.
Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800)273-8255
Text "HOME" to the Crisis Text Line (741741)
Text/Call/Video Chat family member, friend, or trusted adult

Parent Connect Logo
Parent Connection is provided free of charge and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer/smartphone with internet access. If you are accessing the information using a smartphone, please use the link to the desktop site. 
Click HERE to login to Parent Connect.

If you need your Parent Connect login information, it can be emailed to you. From the Parent Connection log in screen click on “Need Your Login Information?” Enter your email (you must have an email on file) and select submit. The pin number and password will be emailed.  For additional assistance, 
Click HERE for a quick help video.

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