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2020 Elementary School Boundary Study

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About the Boundary Study

A new elementary school will soon be opening near Shields and Locan avenues in southeast Clovis, prompting the start of efforts to adjust elementary school boundaries in the Clovis East area.  The school is needed to keep pace with rapidly growing residential development in the area.  November marks the start of a process designed to gather parent input, develop options for possible school boundaries, and ultimately make a recommendation on new school attendance lines to the Governing Board in February 2019.  

Slated to open in August of 2020, with construction starting in January 2019, plans have already begun that will enable attendance boundaries, a school name, mascot and colors to be finalized before the end of the current school year.  “By making these decisions more than a full year ahead of the school’s opening, the new school community can come together and build relationships even before the doors open,” said Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Kevin Peterson.
Elementary schools in the Clovis East Area are holding meetings this month to share details with parents of the timeline and process that will be used to develop a school boundary proposal and appoint a principal, select a name, colors and mascot for the school. Multiple opportunities are planned for parent and student involvement in the decision-making process, including a December 5 community meeting planned at Clovis East High School, a special web page that includes information and videos about the boundary study process, and regular updates in CUSD Today and school home to school communication.

“Parents’ voices are important in these decision-making processes,” said Area Superintendent Corrine Folmer.  “While we recognize that elementary school boundary changes can be difficult, our entire team in the Clovis East Area is eager to work with families to build another excellent educational experience for students at this new school.”


Important Dates


  • November 6: Clovis East
    Area SART Meeting (10:00 a.m. CEHS Lecture Hall)
  • December 5: Community Feedback Forum (6:30 p.m. CEHS MPR)
  • November 2018: Principal Appointed
  • January – February 2019: Elementary Attendance Proposal Released for Public Comment
  • February 2019: Board Action
    on Proposed Attendance Boundaries & School Name
  • Spring 2019: Mascot and
    School Colors Selected
  • August 2020: New School Opens



Learn more about the process used to develop elementary boundaries

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Development of Boundaries for the Elementary School to be Located at Shields and Locan Avenues in 2020. If you still have questions, we invite you to voice them through the form below.
Q. Is there a set of criteria used to guide the development of elementary school boundaries?
A.  The Boundary Change Steering Committee considers five guiding principles in the development of possible school boundaries. These include: utilize existing school design capacity whenever possible; keep neighborhoods together; create long-lasting boundaries; create contiguous boundaries that minimize gerrymandering; and where possible, reduce operational costs (e.g. busing).

Q. Who makes the final decision on school boundaries?
A.  The Boundary Change Steering Committee studies possible boundary scenarios before publishing a proposed boundary for community review and input.  After processing feedback from the community, a final proposal is made to the Governing Board for their consideration.  It is then the Governing Board’s role to adopt the official school boundary.

Q. When will an initial boundary proposal be available for review?
A.  It is anticipated that an initial proposal will be available for the community to review by early December 2018, with the Governing Board taking action on a final proposal in early 2019, a full year before the new school opens.  

Q.  What areas will be included in the Shields-Locan Attendance Study?
A.  Existing elementary school attendance boundaries in the Clovis East High School areas will be included in this study.  This study will not include any changes to the existing high school boundaries, but looks at the boundaries of Boris, Reagan, Freedom, Miramonte, Temperance-Kutner, Oraze and Fancher Creek elementary schools to determine the best adjustment to accommodate the new school opening in 2020.  

Q. Will high school boundaries be affected?
A.  The study will focus on elementary attendance areas within the existing secondary attendance area for Clovis East High School. It is not anticipated that any changes will be made to those existing secondary boundaries as a result of this study.

Q.  Who serves on the Boundary Change Steering Committee?
A.  The Boundary Change Steering Committee is made of Clovis Unified employees from a variety of schools, and representatives from many district level departments. These include principals, classified staff, plant operations, food service, transportation, special education, business services and others.

Q.  What year will boundary changes resulting from the Shields and Locan avenues Attendance Study take effect?
A.  The school site at Shields and Locan avenues will be under construction in early 2019 and will open for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  Boundaries adopted for the new school will also take effect at that time.

Q.  Will any review of district-wide boundaries be included in this study?
A.  No. The 198-square mile boundary that defines Clovis Unified School District is not part of the Elementary Attendance Area Study.

Q.  Why ask families who have established and invested in a particular elementary school to move?
A.  Clovis Unified School District strongly encourages loyalty and support of our neighborhood schools.  The District is fortunate to have active, involved parents who also encourage their children to support the schools they attend.  These successful efforts often become the very reason that families oppose necessary boundary adjustments, given their involvement and loyalty to their neighborhood school.
While understanding of this challenge, the need to address crowded conditions at schools that greatly exceed their capacity requires that boundaries be adjusted.  Clovis Unified makes every effort to proactively plan the opening of new schools in order to avoid situations in which students experience over-crowded conditions that could affect their learning.

Q.  What about students entering the sixth grade?
A.  Board Policy 5106 includes accommodation for students wishing to remain at a given school for their sixth grade year.  The policy states in part, “Although the Board encourages all students to attend school in their designated attendance area, students entering the sixth grade may choose to remain at the school of their original attendance area if space is available.”  More information about this exception can be found by reviewing in its entirety Board Policy 5106.

Q. Will the new school open with a full complement of activities for students?
A.  Clovis Unified School District is committed to providing students with access to multiple opportunities for involvement in athletics, performing arts and other activities when a new school opens.  Every effort will be made to provide resources for students’ involvement in the school’s first year of operation.

Questions or Comments?

Still have quesitons? We invite you to make any comments or ask further questions about the elementary boundary adjustment process through the form below.
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