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Emotional Wellness

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Emotional Wellness Resources

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CSI Clovis Support & Intervention logoOften students experience personal or family challenges, situations and circumstances that may be beyond their control and an affect them in adverse ways.  CSI Educational Support Groups are available to support any students who are experiencing personal challenges, crisis and problems that are affecting their full potential in academic/personal success or concentration. The Clovis Support and Intervention program aims to identify struggling students and connect them with the with services available to help them in their school community.  These Educational Support groups facilitate students connecting with two adult staff members and a small group of their peers with similar life challenges on a weekly basis for eight sessions.  Some of these groups may include topics of general Teen Support, Grief and Loss, Divorce/Families in Transition, Anger Management, Bullying, Motivation, Family Illness, Drug and Alcohol Issues, and Pregnant and Parenting Teens. Students gain improved listening skills, communication skills and coping skills. These support groups are confidential and meet during the school day and students are expected to make up the work missed for that class and work with the teacher to stay caught up.

This is a tier-two small group intervention intended to aid students that are faced with challenging life situations.  This confidential program also allows students to connect with other peers who are facing similar circumstances, then discover that they are not alone. Each group is led by two trained adult staff and faculty members whose goal it is to provide the tools they need to help themselves. These 50-minute groups run for eight weeks during class time.  It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with his/her teacher in order make up missed work/notes.  Each group member must have signed consent by a parent or guardian to participate. 

This confidential service that is provided by the CSI Program through trained and certified staff, is based on the educational premise that : Students who receive help and support to deal with pressing personal concerns will be better able to focus their remaining energy more efficiently on their schoolwork and important tasks of developing academically, socially, and emotionally.

Students can be referred by parents, teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators’ or any other staff who are seeking help and support for students, through an online referral process or CSI Student Referral Forms located in the front office.

Please Click HERE to contact Caren Burgess by email address [email protected], Reyburn CSI Site Coordinator, for more information.

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Looking for Emotional Support & Resources
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Mental Health Counselors
Clovis East has two counselors available to talk to students about their social-emotional wants and needs five days a week.  They help coordinate SST and STAR meetings in addition to crisis counseling, short-term individual counseling, academic advising and checks, and facilitation CSI groups.  To contact our mental health counselors please email one or both using the links below.

Social-Emotional CounselorEmail AddressOffice Number
Nanxe Vang[email protected](559) 327-4195

Raxl Fontenot[email protected](559) 327-4094

School Psychologists

The school psychologists at Reyburn provide services five days a week. They work with both special education students and general education students in various capacities. The school psychologists are actively involved in the Student Study Team process, the Section 504 process, as well as many facets of the Individualized Education Program process. Specific services provided by the school psychologists include crisis counseling, short-term individual counseling, student support groups, and consulting with both staff and parents on a variety of issues which may impact a student's education. To contact our school psychologists please email one of the links below.

School PsychologistEmail AddressOffice Number
Adriana Escobar[email protected](559) 327-4056

Melissa Saunders[email protected](559) 327-4021


Reyburn Peer Counselors

The Reyburn Peer Counseling Program consists of open-minded, trustworthy, and friendly students who provide one-on-one support to the Wolfpack.  Reyburn Peer Counselors are trained in listening/communication skills and provide a safe and confidential atmosphere where students can confide in them while discussing their feelings.  Once the training is complete, students are then available to talk with peers who request to see a Peer Counselor.  During these “sessions”, students can talk about issues they may be struggling with.  i.e., family problems, academic problems, peer problems, etc.  Peer Counselors do not give advice but attempt to help the struggling student come up with good solutions.  The Peer Counselors are supervised by Ms. Nina Jones.  This is a wonderful resource for students who prefer to speak to someone closer to their own age.
Click HERE to sign up.
If you have any questions about Reyburn Peer Counseling, please contact
Ms. Nina Jones at [email protected] 


Physical isolation does not mean emotional isolation.  It is important for your mental health that you maintain relationships with your friends and family during this time.  Call, text, FaceTime, Snap, or DM people you know in real life.  Check in!  Send memes.  If you spend this time focusing ONLY on the news or celebrities, your coping strategies will start to diminish. 

Continue to maintain your personal hygiene and bedtime.  It is easy to lay in bed ALL day when you do not have plans to go outside but maintaining proper hygiene and a good sleep pattern are two of the very best things you can do to maintain a sense of normalcy.  Plan to wake up at a reasonable time, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed for the day (in something other than PJ's), and brush/comb your hair.  

Do Something other than play video games or scroll through social media feeds.  Can you think of an activity?  Find one below:
Self care matrix

suicide prevention lifeline phone number 1-800-273-8255

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now:  988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline ? ? 

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline picture
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