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Leadership Camp

Thank you to those who attended CUSD Leadership Camp! Here's a glimpse into the fun in case you missed it. 

Want to attend leadership camp this year? There are only 50 spots available. Go to the Activities Office for information. Camp is open to grades 9-12th

Reyburn Leadership

Reyburn Leadership is a year long elective class offered to both seventh and eighth grade students. Students must apply when they register for their classes and 50 students from those applications will be selected and enrolled into the class.

Leadership students are the behind the scenes workers, planners and doers for all of Reyburn's events including award ceremonies, rallies, dances, lunch time activities, Red Ribbon Week, staff appreciation days... and many more! While they're highly involved on Reyburn's campus they're also community service oriented students. Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service throughout the school year. Reyburn Leadership students also volunteer as a class for various organizations including Toys for Tots, American Cancer Society, the Valley Animal Center, etc.

If you have any questions regarding Reyburn's Leadership program don't hesitate to contact Reyburn's Activities Director, Miss Kaitlin Kruser at 559-327-4500 or kaitlinkruser@cusd.com

Reyburn Activities
Reyburn encourages all students to become connected and involved on our campus. There are numerous opportunities for students to become involved with school activities including clubs, athletics, noontime activities, dress-up days, Science Fair, Science Olympiad, History Day, performing arts and more! If you're interested in joining a club please click the link on the right side of this page and you'll see a list of all of the clubs Reyburn and Clovis East have to offer. Student Council elections are also held every spring for future 8th graders and the following fall for 7th grade officers. Tryouts to be our school mascot are held every fall as well. If you have any questions regarding Reyburn activities please don't hesitate to contact Kaitlin Kruser at 327-4500 or kaitlinkruser@cusd.com.

Reyburn 2017-18 Student Council Officers
8th Grade Officers
     President: TJ Hall
     Vice-President: Pachuabai Vang
     Treasurer: Benjamin Madrigal
     Secretary: Sarah Lee
     Rally Commissioner: Ryan Hak
     Historian: Makena Willison

7th Grade Officers
   Principal: Shiann Vang
   Treasurer: Morgan Parent
   Secretary: Gretchen Marquez
Activities Director and Office Information 
Clovis East Activities Director: Sarah Burress
Reyburn Activities Director: Kaitlin Kruser
Activities Director and Office Information
Activities Secretary: Jahnava Adams
Clovis East Activities Office Hours: 7 am - 4 pm Phone: (559) 327-4318  
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