Speech and Debate Preps for a New Year

September 12, 2014 at 11:02 AM

In the exciting world of room 665B another year of competitive speech and debate is under way. The team, under the helm of new coach Joel Presley, is off to a running start with tournaments coming up within the first three weeks of school. But don't worry, you haven't missed out if you still want to join. With a competitive year that includes 18 tournaments through the course of the year, there's always time to drop in and learn the argumentation and speaking skills that can turn your public speaking fear into your presentation prowess. 


Last year the speech and debate team’s success included a trip to the National Speech and Debate Association finals in beautiful Kansas City, Kansas. With more than 5,000 students descending upon the city, the world’s largest academic competition is a sight to behold. From the laughter in the Humorous Interpretation room to the tears in the Dramatic Interpretation room, students pushed their skills to succeed. 


Clovis East, after a year of great success qualified five students to the national level. Ke'Lea Wilkins, Olivia Haagenson, Bianca Norwood, Madison Gallegos, and Michael DeJuarez. After an intense week of competition, amazing success was had by all. Notably, Bianca Norwood and her duo partner Olivia Haagenson broke to the quarter final rounds receiving 25th place in the country. Furthermore, Ke'Lea Wilkins, with her excellent dramatic interpretation that centered around the Rwandan genocide, broke to the semi-finals, finishing 12th place overall. 


This incredibly successful team wrapped up an amazing year for the students of speech and debate, but with the new school year upon us the team is ready to take on the challenge of debating and speaking their way to the top again. Come join the new team and see how much fun you can have with Clovis East Speech and Debate.