Internet Outage

March 21, 2017 at 12:26 PM

As a result of construction in downtown Fresno, schools in Fresno County have been impacted by a widespread Internet outage.  Clovis Unified cannot send or receive emails outside of the school district, and web access and other externally hosted web applications (e.g. travel and conference requests,  Blackboard, Destiny, etc.) are not currently available via the District’s network.  Schools may be able to access some of these systems using mobile devices independent of the CUSD network. We have been told by crews working to repair the county wide high speed internet connections that this outage may extend for hours or possibly longer.  We will keep the community informed via the District’s social media and website accounts, and through telephone updates.   Schools can be reached in the event of an emergency by telephone, and we have asked that parents limit phone calls to those of an urgent nature in order that the lines can be kept open.


Internal emails are still sending and receiving normally.


Site Administrators wishing to use Blackboard for communication purposes can access the system via an independent mobile phone data connection (so long as the device is not connected to the District’s network).