Congratulations CE Robotics Team

March 30, 2016 at 10:52 AM

               Congratulations to the members of the REC Robotics team for their Valliant performance in the FIRST Robotics Competition at the Sacramento Regionals. After configuring their robot to its strongest assets: speed, agility, reliability, defense, and a low forward center of gravity, the team made a run at the competition.  Robots were losing wheels and various  part on the field, while attempting to cross the defensive obstacles.  The RoboWolves had very few problems sliding through with their tank tracks achieving a high ranking of #9 and finishing at #13 in a field of 60 robots. It was a good feeling to have the top performing robot teams scouting us for a potential alliance to compete in the elimination rounds.  The #4 Alliance request an alliance and we graciously accepted. Competing against the # 5 Alliance (best of three), lost the first match, won the second and on the third had another robot pin our alliance member and turned off their power.  Unfortunately, the referee did not see the incident and refused any video evidence from our team.  It was a fantastic run for team 5134.  Give a shout out to the following members:


Brianna Anderson

Brooke Bahn

Kalena Rangel

Emily Saechao

Janelle Rocetes

Latya Vorakoumman

Kayleigh Her

Justin Barnett

Justin Tabalno

Bryant Louie      

Char Leng Thao

Abhay Saini

Tom Simpson