The Reagan Educational Center provides parents and students with helpful information packets to assist them in planning their student's upcoming academic year.  Parents are strongly encouraged to review the packets with their student.

Our 2016-17-HS-Course-Description-Book.pdf lists every course offered and a brief description of each subject.  As you review our catalog, students may elect a strong to a very rigorous academic program.  Your college plans will determine which program you pursue.  Clovis East offers 7 Honors and 18 Advanced Placement (AP) classes. As you begin to plan your classes, become aware with course prerequisites.

Graduation Requirements:

 Subject  Years  Credits
 English  4  40
 Mathematics   2  20
 Science  2  20
 Physical Ed.   4  40
 World History  

 U.S. History    1  10
 Gov't/Econ  1  10
World. Geog./Health    
 Foreign Lang./Art  

 Other Electives  
 Total Credits    230
If a student fails a course at semester, he or she must make up the course during summer school which follows the completion of that school year in which the failure is received.
All "F" grades on a transcript, in classes other than "electives", must be made up before a diploma will be issued.


I n f o r m a t i o n 




NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center       1-877-262-1492     (NAIA)    1-866-881-6242

Scholarship Search (websites that help you find available scholarships)                                                                       

Career & College Exploration

    CAREER CRUISING:                                                                                                                                                                  



C o l l e g e  W e b s i t e s

California State University Fresno                559-278-4240

UC Davis                                                               530-752-1011 

UC Merced                                                           209-228-4400

Fresno Pacific University                                559-453-2000

Fresno City College                                            559-442-4600

Clovis Community College                              559-325-5200