Activities Department


Clovis East Activities Director: Sarah Burress

Reyburn Activities Director: Kaitlin Kruser

Activities Secretary: Jahnava Adams


Clovis East Activities Office Hours: 7 am - 4 pm 

Clovis East Activities Office: (559) 327-4318

ID Cards

All students shall have a current year school ID with them during ALL school and school sponsored events. 

If a student loses their ID card, replacement ID's may be purchased in the Activities Office before school, during lunch, or after school for a fee of $10.00.  

Clovis East Activities

The goal of the Clovis East Activities Program is to find a way to connect students positively to campus.  We offer numerous clubs and organizations that students can join; ranging from chess club to the fishing club, there is something for everyone.  

Students: Make the most out of your high school experience by getting involved.  You're only in high school once---step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and make a lifetime of memories.  Don't see something you want to be involved in? Start a new club! 

Clovis East 2017-2018 ASB Officers

ASB President:  

ASB Vice-President:  Kala Heu

ASB Secretary:  Wayne Kue

ASB Treasurer:  Jocelyn Vang

ASB Spirit Commissioner:  Capri Castellanos

Commissioner of Activities:  Pacha Vang

Commissioner of Appreciation/Recognition:  Jordan Bolton

Commissioner of Athletics:  Jacob Sill

Commissioner of Clubs & Performing Arts:  Diego Cazares

Commissioner of Communication & Promotion:   Malia Willison


Clovis East 2017-2018 ISC Members

Inter School Council (ISC) is your district-level student representation.  The six Clovis East ISC members work with the ISC leaders from the other Clovis Unified high schools to make sure students have a voice at the district level. 

Jordan Bolton

Diego Cazares

Kala Heu

Jocelyn Krupens

Jacob Sill

Interested in being a part of 2018-19 ISC? Please fill out an ISC Application


Reyburn Activities

Reyburn encourages all students to become connected and involved on our campus. There are numerous opportunities for students to become involved with school activities including clubs, athletics, noontime activities, dress-up days, Science Fair, Science Olympiad, History Day, performing arts and more! If you're interested in joining a club please click the link on the right side of this page and you'll see a list of all of the clubs Reyburn and Clovis East have to offer. Student Council elections are also held every spring for future 8th graders and the following fall for 7th grade officers. Tryouts to be our school mascot are held every fall as well. If you have any questions regarding Reyburn activities please don't hesitate to contact Kaitlin Kruser at 327-4500 or


Reyburn 2017-18 Student Council Officers

8th Grade Officers

      President: TJ Hall

      Vice-President: Pachuabai Vang

      Treasurer: Benjamin Madrigal

      Secretary: Sarah Lee

      Rally Commissioner: Ryan Hak

      Historian: Makena Willison 


7th Grade Officers

    Principal: Shiann Vang

    Treasurer: Morgan Parent

    Secretary: Gretchen Marquez