The science department at the REC is a 7-12 aligned program offering students the opportunity to build comprehensive knowledge in science.


Students enrolled at Reyburn Intermediate may be enrolled in 7th grade life science as they start junior high where they will build foundational skills necessary to inquiry based science through scientific reading and writing. Students will study basic cellular biology, ecology, and the human body as they navigate their curriculum.

8th grade science students have the opportunity to enroll in 8th grade physical science where basic chemistry, physics, and Earth and space science are explored. Honors 8th grade science courses are offered for those students who have a sincere desire to gain scientific knowledge and who meet the requirements of the course.

All students enrolled in Reyburn's 7th and 8th grade science courses will gain the skills of scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and laboratory techniques required of their high school courses.


Students entering high school can tailor their high school science coursework to fulfill high school graduation, CSU, and UC entrance requirements. Basic courses offered include earth science, biology, honors biology, chemistry, honors chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, zoology and. Advanced coursework includes AP biology, AP chemistry, and AP environmental science. AP courses are designed to prepare students to meet the demands of college level science and prepare students to take designated AP exams in the spring. Enrollment in these courses includes taking prerequisite science and math classes along with teacher recommendations.

Please review the AP College Board website for additional information.