Performing Arts


The Reyburn Choir program includes a variety of choral ensemble options for 7th and 8th grade students.  Below is an explanation of available courses:

Show Choir: Open to advanced 7th and 8th grade boys and girls
Tenor Bass: Open to all 7th and 8th grade boys
Chamber Choir: Open to advanced 8th grade girls, and occasionally exceptional 7th grade girls
Concert Choir: Open to intermediate level 7th and 8th grade girls
Soprano Alto: Open to all beginner/ intermediate level 7th and 8th grade girls

Beginning Drama: This semester-long class will you teaches the basic skills of acting on stage. The class will cover some theatre history, theatre vocabulary, basic acting rules, pantomime, public speaking, improvisation, script work, and more. Some of the skills to be gained from taking this class are quick/creative thinking, teamwork, self-confidence, concentration, public speaking skills, and so much more all while having a lot of fun.

Advanced Drama: Advanced Drama is a year-long production class that puts on a tour production to the elementary schools that feed into Reyburn in the fall, and also a play production in the Spring. In this class, there is a quick review of what was taught in Beginning Drama and then a more in-depth practice of acting skills, and character/story analysis.

Journalism: Journalism is the year-long elective that produces Reyburn’s Timber Talk Newsletter. You will learn how to do the jobs of a journalist as well as how to write like one. Through writing articles for the newsletter, students are given the opportunity to interview teachers and students on campus as well as to research their topics. Students enrolled will have the opportunity to see their work and their name published here on campus on a regular basis. 


Instrumental Music Program 

The Reagan Educational Center is proud to have a growing instrumental music program under the direction of Shannon Weber, Spencer Hannibal-Smith, and Alexandra Gilroy.  The instrumental music program currently offers orchestra, jazz band, concert band, winter percussion, winter guard, and marching band and color guard.  

For more information, please visit the Reagan Educational Center Instrumental Music Program at



Dance Repertory: Dance Repertory is our in-house dance company at CEHS. This group learns to choreograph and produce their own spring concert as well as teach at the intermediate level and perform in the community when available. This class includes all genres of dance and has auditions at the end of each year. 


Choral Music Program:

                Instructor Carlin Truong​   

The Clovis East High School Choir Program has enjoyed more than a decade of Choral Excellence, both in our school district/local area, as well on the National Choral Stage.  We have a graded program that trains each musician, from beginner to advanced in a setting with students with similar music ability in separate choirs.  Concert Choir is the starting step for most of our singers, those who have great voices and musical ears, but lack the ability to read music.  They are partnered with our most advanced singers, the Chamber Choir (T-Wolf Chorus) for all performances.  We then have our intermediate level girls’ choir, our Women’s Ensemble, (select 7th graders, and more advanced 10-12 graders).  Our top two groups are the Women’s Chorale (8th period after school choir) and our Chamber Choir, (T-Wolf Chorus).  Both of these groups have received consistent, unanimous superior/command performance ratings every festival and or competition since the beginning of Clovis East High School.  We also offer Small Jazz/Glee type “A Cappella” Vocal Ensembles.  These include: Mixed Jazz Ensemble, Women’s group – Twilight, Senior Mixed Quartet, Mixed Octet, Senior and Men’s Select groups.