Academic Teams

Science Olympiad: Students compete with other middle schools from Fresno County in engineering projects and academic tests. It is exciting for students representing their schools when given a building challenge or conquering an academic test to prove to be an expert.

Science Fair: Students choose a topic and ask a question as their problem. By using the Scientific Method, they collect information; create a hypothesis; test their hypothesis; record their data; and draw a conclusion. After they have finished, they place all their information on a display board and have a log book explaining their experiment in detail. The Board and log book are judged at the Central California Regional Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fair.

What is Academic Decathlon? 

The United States Academic Decathlon® is a prestigious academic competition for A, B, and C-average students who compete on nine-member teams including three each Honor, Scholastic, and Varsity students. More than 25 schools compete in the Fresno County regional “AcaDec” competition. The ten events are: an interview, prepared and impromptu speeches, essay, and multiple choice exams in art, economics, language & literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science. The Super Quiz is a one-of-a-kind public event, with theme decorations and supporters in the stands cheering teams.           

• Is there a subject or theme?

The 2017-18 theme is TBD.  Students will be studying and competing in 10 subjects on the collegiate level of this year's theme and they may receive college elective credit for this course by meeting specific set requirements.  Students will be studying and competing in the following 10 subjects under the theme of TBD Science (atomic and nuclear physics), Literature, Art, Music of the era, Social Science, Economics, Mathematics, Speech (Impromptus and Prepared), Interview, and Essay.

What are the benefits?

In 2016, CEHS competitive team students received a many bronze, silver, and gold medals.  Participation in Fresno State workshops and competition qualifies sophomores, juniors, and seniors for 4 units of college credit.  Decathletes also receive a CE letter, academic patch, and Academic Decathlon pin. It’s also an elective class for Pass/Fail credit, an impressive addition to college applications. The team traditionally participates in a university or national landmark field trip. 

Where can I get more information and/or ask questions?

Please contact Coach Sheng Vu, CEHS English, 327-4000, Room 703 CEHS,